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What makes people and businesses look for a quick boost on their Instagram rankings today is the highest online competition ever. Everyone is searching for an efficient and relatively cheap way to move their account in a better light and to step out from the crowd. Owing a huge crowd of real followers literally means earning from the platform on one hand, and manifesting an image of a famous person or a brand on the other. This is mostly why people feel the lust to buy Instagram followers of high quality, the same with what we provide here at CheapIGFollowers 24/7 and 365 days a year.

why buy instagram followers

Why buy Instagram followers?

Asking yourself frankly why you are visiting our website, why you are reading these words here and now, what makes your interest in gaining more followers so important to you today would doubtlessly lead you to the questions of popularity and feeling yourself special among others. We all know how attractive the accounts with hundreds thousands of followers look to us on one hand, and on the other, we are quite sure of that fans are not all real and live in most of the cases. A simple moment of understanding the fact of becoming famous is perhaps a few clicks away keeps a lot of people on their toes, and that's why they still buy Instagram followers. Would you like to increase your visibility and stand out from a huge Instagram crowd? Simply buy followers. Do you dream of a career of blogger and influencer? Create stunning content and grow your followers. Do you have to push your sales up? Build a marketing strategy, take action, and apply to getting extra followers from us or one of the sellers of your favor, but remember that in contrast to many other sources we don't sell fake followers of poor quality. That's how it is with no exception. We are all humans living on one planet, influenced by the same or very similar trends, and we got the same compulsions no matter the corner of the world we are living in. Purchasing a boost for Instagram is what makes people a little happier along with the fact of increasing the stats of their accounts. So if you don't feel yourself in a good mood, an improvement received from us is guaranteed to let you feel better.


Why we are the best to buy from

Buying real followers to market your account is the best way to improve the rate of engagement on Isntagram and to get an outstanding promotion result. Profiles with a big audience have much more chances to become viral, to get a dramatic and instant increase in exposure and organic reach. Our brand is well-known for the following features:

Followers of real quality

We bring followers that look real and natural so the quality of results always meets your expectations!

Drip-feed delivery

Gain followers the way it looks an organic improvement to everyone! Our approach is the safest algorithm ever.

Great customer support

Got a question or an issue on improving your followers base? we are always here to help you!

Our most popular products

In case you are visiting our site for the first time, you will find this section helpful. Here you will find a short explanation to our sales leaders. If you are new to Instagram and your promoting steps were only a few, this text will help you find the exact product which meets your requirement the best. It is very important to understand the basics of buying Instagram followers at the very beginning and not to rush things about it, so please, spare some time to attentive reading and explore the section - this blog will save you money and time and would probably keep you out of risky bends.

Starting from the smallest amounts for personal use and further to the most Google-queried heavyweight packs, we are sure we got an offer able to catch your eyes. Now it is the right time for you to invest a small dollar in powering up your Instagram and to shop our most popular offers according to the statistics of 2019 and 2020. Here we take care to recommend our number-one sellers, favored and chosen by our customers. For more on one of the different products we got, to figure out which one is your top horse and for ordering it, tap the name of the desired package of followers.


    The smallest giant of our marketing army ordered the most of all - 20 Instagram Followers are the solid king of the hill. The shortest path to getting familiar with the service and to being certain about the provided followers is to start with buying the smallest and the cheapest ones. This is why this bundle was the first for most of our regular customers. Try it now and see for yourself.


    Another leader of our clients' favorites is 50 Instagram followers. Buyers find this product useful and yet tangible while building the count of followers to their first thousand. Created and designed mostly for personal use and private improvement, 50 followers get purchased even by brands and companies while marketing their niche products or goods. Photographers and models, content creators and bloggers, performers and producers, musicians and artists - all of them are also spotted at buying this small amount regularly to make their pages on Instagram look great to their audience. It is a smart choice for a small sum.


    Are you looking for a chance to get popular on Instagram, to advance on sales and to find more customers, to start an influencer's career? Buying 100 Instagram followers from time to time would play a great role in the processes of improving your account and helping you to reach your goals for a cheap price. In 2020 it is too hard to compete at finding and winning the audience so buying this volume regularly would help much at catching the eye of the organic visitors, to convince them to follow your Instagram then, and to stay for long.


    Not feeling certain about a boost of five hundred, but one hundred is just not enough? We've got this offer available to suit your needs in such cases. Nothing special to say, but 200 Instagram followers ready to be ordered.


    A half step to the heavyweight Instagram solutions, 500 followers are that what people buy when they need a major change immeditaly, here and now. We never advise adding a bundle so large on the account with only a few real followers on it, rather leading a customer to one of the smaller bundles from our list. Even in case of operating it with a natural delivery, buying 500 Instagram followers is particularly common for the developed pages.


    This is an undoubted leader of all the greater packs. The most frequently bought one from all the offers of greater volumes listed on our site and also a highly recommended marketing tool - it brings a charge of confidence to the page it is purchased on. Buy 1000 followers to encourage your visitors, to trigger their interest to follow you!


    Everyone would find it helpful to apply it, and it is especially so if the option of natural delivery is turned on. Adding 5000 followers in a drip-feed way makes your profile grow with following gradually, so buy this pack with the described settings turned on to have your improvement looking natural to your audience.


    The biggest public pack we got. The absolute majority of sites no longer provide volumes this big, but right now the exclusive package of 10K followers is available to buy on our website. Please let us know if you wish to add even a greater number or you need a custom service and a special assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers and visitors about the services and products we provide and its advantages. In case your question can not be found on this list, please refer to the section of Terms and Conditions or message our support officers.

  • Why should I buy followers from here?

    Our company is a big player of the market for years. For the reason of hiring only professionals experienced in digital marketing and social media, we have dozens of cases of helping the representatives of various kinds of businesses and individuals to grow into an impressive and recognizable brand on Instagram. Buy from us to be confident at having a reliable partner while running your promo campaign.
  • I need an improvement on Instagram followers for my brand

    Business accounts of companies, products, online services, and brands often require heavyweight packs starting from 1000 followers and going up to 10K and higher. If you require a really bigger boost, please write to our officer using the Contact section of this site.
  • Why getting real active followers is primary?

    Actually, the reasons to buy followers are so many so it would take hours to speak about it. One thing is clear: holding a couple thousand of real and active followers will give you a wider publicity, more opportunities to build a brand, more chances to engage your audience on Instagram. It will stand you out from the crowd and show the best version of yours to visitors so you'll be able to give your popularity and reputation a higher jump easier. A huge count of followers is the indication of trust so you can reach to a millions of people on the platform, meet new visitors, and increase your organic following, so your fans will watch your stories, put likes and comment on your photos on Instagram, give your videos many views - it is literally a rolling snowball of increasing your awareness and making you popular as a result. And being famous makes a lot of things easier, doesn't it?
  • Do I take a risk when receiving paid followers?

    Giving your profile an enormous burst of growth is bad at all, that why we help to grow followers one by one using the safest method. Here you can also buy Instagram followers quickly to receive it immediately using an instant delivery - all you have to do for that is just to contact one of our online officers before ordering. Also, none of our actions break neither federal or local laws or any term of the platform. So there is no risk of buying followers from us.
  • What if I face a drop on my counts?

    The world knows cases of big Instagram accounts with a huge audience lost their followers. This happens sometimes when Instagram is going to free their capacities by deleting old entries of users which show no activity for a long time. For the issues like that we give a free refill guarantee period. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the detailed information over this question.
  • Can I order Instagram accounts from you?

    Here we do jobs related to advertising, improving and promoting to help your pages on Instagram andvance, look more attractive, and to score higher ranks. We do not offer the option to buy accounts from us. Neither we have the options of receiving a blue badge of confirmation or automatic followers available in the public list of services.
  • Will the attracted followers stay for long?

    Our team pays much attention to providing Instagram followers of real quality, the best from what is available on the market. Getting from us a follower with no avatar, no posts, no photos and videos is a kind of an exceptional issue. Our scouts always look for genuine profiles to be included in the databases we use to set up our deliveries, then to become your followers of authentic look and to stay for long.
  • How to order followers from here?

    The greater part of our clients choose a credit card to buy with, but the Internet is not a very safe place if speaking about private information and transactions. That's why we have our billing and payment part related to PayPal, a truly expert and reliable company trusted by millions. You can pay with your PayPal or with your credit card using their gate - they have easy and safe solutions for both ways.
  • How to collect an authentic audience?

    Currently, there is only one type of active followers and they can be 100% authentic only and nothing else. You can get a natural improvement on your account by following these simple steps:
    • Link your profiles on all social platforms linked together. Let your subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube, and others find a shortcut to your Instagram easily. The same goes for your website, so keep your digital contacts organized in a proper way.
    • Create a personal unique hashtag so your followers and visitors are able to navigate all your posts no matter the platform is. Going further with more hashtags will be fruiting too.
    • Search for your own unique style of creating content and master your skills for digital retouch and video editing to have each of your posts looking unique and attractive.
    Following these steps would improve your presence on Instagram and take it to a new level. In case you do things right but it doesn't take you far, you can always apply one of our products to get an instant improvement on followers!
  • How to keep my orders private?

    What makes our website a safe and secure place to buy from is we don't require clients to register and to provide password or any other personal information. We also don't use cookies so in contrast to other websites your presence here is private, and you can be definitely certain about privacy, security and safety of your orders and data if buying from us - everything is designed to have the best experience from the deal 24/7.
  • What number of followers is enough to start making money?

    Awful lot of people are dreaming to start making money on Instagram, and the number of followers enough for it depends much on the niche. Starting a career of an influencer is possible at the moment of collecting at least 2000 followers on your Instagram, but it is not the one and only thing required for it. You have to become an expert in creating visual and audio content, to learn the details and secrets of digital marketing, to be very organized, outgoing and sociable.

Customer Reviews

Here our clients share their experience with the service. Recommend us to your friends!

  • Rua
    DECEMBER 29, 2019 4:31 PM
    Muito obrigado, a serviços aqui é ótima
  • RichDoll
    DECEMBER 24, 2019 6:24 AM
    Awesome work XO Dim
  • User
    DECEMBER 19, 2019 9:43 AM
    Many thanks for the assistance. Highly professional support
  • Lilian
    DECEMBER 14, 2019 8:11 AM
    Followers as described and expected. I'll recommend
  • Bryan
    DECEMBER 1, 2019 11:37 PM
    Amazing service, satifsfied. My five-star goes here.
  • KhanSolo
    NOVEMBER 14, 2019 9:52 AM
    Thanks for keeping me up! High five from one of your regulars!
  • Nat
    NOVEMBER 11, 2019 11:12 AM
    You guys got a little slower than before. I'm happy with the service anyway, but please give it some speed.
  • Anir
    NOVEMBER 02, 2019 2:19 AM
    you provide followers from India? I need to specify the location to buy Indian followers
  • User
    OCTOBER 11, 2019 5:06 PM
    Pros: works good, fast followers, not sure if they all real but looking natural. Cons: it's not free hahah
  • Jane
    OCTOBER 07, 2019 11:28 AM
    I'm happy with your site and the support here is the best ever, but I'd like it to get followers instantly but here waiting makes me siiick. Everything is fine, but the time it took was just too much, that's why only four stars.
  • Matt
    SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 0:06 AM
    A pleasure to work with you and your team, Dim
  • Pikachu
    SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 9:01 PM
    Pika pika pika. Choooooo (Awesome!)
  • Helen
    SEPTEMBER 07, 2019 1:06 PM
    Highly professional assistance and advising for this niche. Never seen such good support before, thanks Dim.
  • Shoof
    SEPTEMBER 03, 2019 4:16 PM
    Ya Instagram perevernul i snova tretye sentyabrya.
  • J
    JULY 02, 2019 11:31 AM
    My business is about cars and detailing, and my Instagram started growing with new faces day by day after the followers ordered from here came up. Just as it was promised, good work! I recommend this website.
  • User
    JUNE 30, 2019 8:37 AM
    Just another seller, no way to target followers. Nothing special
  • Ric
    JUNE 28, 2019 7:11 PM
    Four stars for the service and your followers. Five stars for the support, but I couldn't find how to give half to my four, well that's your four stars mates! I'll return for more.
  • Paul
    JUNE 11, 2019 11:16 AM
    Any chance to buy followers from UK here? Please check your email, wondering if you can offer complex custom services.
  • BaeL
    JUNE 09, 2019 2:41 PM
    Happy to find you! Worked for me
  • User
    MAY 21, 2019 9:22 PM
    The first sellers of dozens I've been to explained fairly there is no way for real followers to add for the money this cheap. Thank you for letting me know how it all about Instagram is working, I appreiate that - social media marketing geeks at their best place. Great team, nuff said...
  • User
    MAY 04, 2019 5:06 PM
    Just good at all. Dim here helped me a lot to find the best way to build my account and it turned out to be not about buying only. They listen and explain, and that's fantastic because I have never seen anything like that from other sellers of followers and likes. Followers are good but don't expect smth extraordinary, it's a solid B+

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