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Instagram Followers Features:
Quality: Real followers
Impacts: Recognition, visibility, trust, engagement
Processing: 1-5 min.
Delivery speed: Instant or gradual (option)
Min order: 10
Max order: 10,000
Price: $ 1.95 - 99.95
Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Crypto Coins, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Support: 24/7 Professional Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram Followers FAQ

Check our answers to the most common inqueries related to buying followers for Instagram.


Why you should only purchase real follower packages?

On nowadays social media, real and active audience is more important for your Instagram presence than the number of subs. The more followers watch your stories and read your posts, the better is your engagement and reach. A well-built loyal audience lets you make money on Instagram quite easily. As soon as your crowd steps over a dozen of thousand authentic followers, brands and marketers will consider your page worth signing an advertising contract. This is how even simple people can join the ranks of Instagram influencers and start living the life they could only dream of.

As for a business of most types, followers help building trust and grow brand's reputation. You can also get relevant feedback on your products and services through social media in case your Instagram profile is followed by mostly real people.

Moreover, since your active fans usually watch and react to your uploads, growing followers organically helps to scale up natural engagement. This, in turn, makes Instagram algorithm rank your content higher and drives more eyes to it, triggers a recursive growth, and finally gives your posts a chance to go viral and reach the recommended section.

No surprise many would like to buy real and active Instagram followers but the only type you can buy is high-quality fans which look close to being real. One thing to keep an eye on is to make your audience grow along with the other platform's key metrics. On the particular sections of our website, you can also buy Instagram Likes and views for Instagram to advance on any growth campaign faster and scale up any possible aims and results.

Whatever most webshops out there promise, there is only a tiny chance that you can buy real and active Instagram followers. Con companies exploit the desire for social validation, preying on those seeking quick popularity boosts. Despite their initial appeal, these counterfeit followers provide no genuine engagement, leaving users with hollow metrics and potentially damaging the credibility of their online presence. It's crucial for individuals and businesses alike to exercise caution, opting for authentic growth strategies to foster a meaningful and reputable social media presence.

No worries, you can always get high-quality Instagram followers in the organic way and use our website to buy Instagram followers to support your strategy and advance on your growth faster.


How do I know how many followers should I buy?

Selecting the right Instagram package for your needs is a personalized journey; there's no one-size-fits-all solution. At our service, we empower you to decide the number of followers that align with your goals – there are no rigid limitations. Whether you're a burgeoning influencer, a growing business, or an established brand, we cater to all orders, big or small, ensuring a seamless delivery process.

Our general recommendation? Align your short-term goals with thorough promotional strategy to determine and add the optimal number of followers to your account. Rest assured, your investment promises valuable results, regardless of the package size you choose. Your success is our priority, and we're here to drive eyes of Instagram users to provide real subs and support your unique social media growth journey.


Would I put my Instagram account to risk if I buy followers?

There are three common types of risk you can put yourself at while turning to some noname paid growth service on Google. Let us explain.

  • The following actions may pose dangers and risks:

  • providing your personal information which may be used further in fraudulent operations with your identity and account on Instagram;
  • filling in your credit card details on an unsecure or scam website;
  • use of unhealthy outdated method to add Instagram followers;

No worries, there is no risk to you account or data if you buy IG followers on cheapigfollowers.com, here is why.

Firstly, you are free to order from us with no registration, no passwords, no KYC / personal data provided. Secondly, the checkout processing takes part on the side of partnering banks and payment processors which are 100% safe and secure. And last, but not the least: we add followers using the safest and most relevant methods in line with the platform requirements.


Do you deal with drops on your Instagram service?

We have heard of huge Instagram accounts losing pretty much of their following. Sadly, that is more a case than a rumor.

Such issues happen when Instagram is up to delete old users who show no activity for a long time or get suspected in permanent unnatural activity.

Buying Instagram followers packages from us guarantees getting only stable users who stick and not leave for long. However, considering few issues of drop, we are happy to provide our free refill feature during the warranty period.


Do you provide organic Instagram followers?

Our mission is to provide the best customer experince while keeping growth services affordable for businesses as well as for the the enthusiasts from the Instagram community and ordinary people. Be sure that any time you buy followers service from us you get the best quality real account possible delivered the safest and yet fast way.


Can I buy Instagram followers with instant delivery?

There are two ways we can provide. If you'd like us to go fastest, you don't need to do anything special but only order a package in the regular way. In this case, you will get new followers with instant delivery, they will take only minutes to process, initialize, and start progressing.

But if you'd like us to add a boost in the natural, drip-feed way, you need to contact our manager for a custom service before you complete your order and then give us a little time to confirm the settings. Starting a custom order like that will make our followers appear on Instagram slowly as if you got them organically.


Should I buy Instagram followers today to start earning from Instagram?

This is the question clients ask us the most frequently.

The answer depends much on the niche you're into. Smallest bloggers start earning at the count of 2000 real followers. This is where local business comes for advertising along other bloggers and Instagrammers ask for featuring them in stories, reels, and posts.

To sign your first contract you need to improve your creative skills, follow the most recent trends and design your posts accordingly. But essentially you have to be very organized, outgoing, and sociable.

You can find our robust packages of followers below. All of the listed are able to help anyone scale up his efforts in building a better image on Instagram.


How to find the best site to buy Instagram followers easily?

As one of the pioneer providers of Instagram followers in the market, CheapIGFollowers is a team of highly experienced professionals who came and joined together from the sectors of e-commerce, social media, SEO, targeted advertising, and web traffic. Such versatile expertise allows us to create a stable, reliable service suitable both for the requests of individuals and the intense requirements of a business.

Getting Instagram followers by using our service equals getting a guaranteed high-quality and 100% secure improvement in time, scam- and risk-free.

The sector of Instagram growth services is rather fluid with new trade names popping up regularly while others disappear. Unlike the noname sellers, we have been operating for over eight years. Our team is always here ready to give outstanding customer experience every time you purchase followers or any other product from us.


What Are Effective Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram?

Engaging Content Strategy: Craft visually appealing and compelling content that resonates with your target audience. Use a mix of high-quality photos, engaging captions, and relevant hashtags to increase discoverability.

Consistent Posting Schedule: Establish a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience engaged. Regular and timely updates signal activity and commitment, encouraging followers to stay connected.

Utilize Instagram Features: Leverage Instagram's diverse features, such as Stories, and Reels to diversify your content. The advantages using these features brings can help your page attract new followers and keep your existing audience entertained.

Strategic Hashtag Use: Research and use trending and niche-specific hashtags to expand your reach. Hashtags make your content discoverable to users interested in similar topics, increasing the likelihood of gaining new followers.

Utilize Growth Services: Find a reliable and cost-efficient growth service able to provide you with high-quality followers, likes, and views. Find out a few boosts to aid your progress in the best way.

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With us, you always get great quality service with a predictable result for Instagram marketing, but what's also important, at probably the sector's cheapest rates! Check our most budger-friendly small packages below!

Instagram is a place to settle online presence for different people and companies. It's no wonder their pains and needs differ, but there's one thing in common for all of them - a desire to gain more real and active followers on Instagram.

It is common for big companies and notable formed influencers to buy engagement in bulk. But local businesses, services, small bloggers, and beginners don't spend much and focus on sales or bargain offers with low prices.

If you don't have a budget or don't believe in boosts much to buy large packs, or you're going to start your first order from us - this section is for you! Try one of our small and cheap Instagram followers, and you won't ever need to search for a new growth provider again.

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  • User

    4 / 5

    Best customer service, followers as described.


    4 / 5

    Running out of engagement and new fans, made me use this growth tool to get Instagram followers and likes. New fans came up gradually, just the way I need. Will order again for sure


    5 / 5

    Muito obrigado, a serviços aqui é ótima


    5 / 5

    Thanks for the update on my IG dear. My fav shop for fans and likes. Love❤️


    5 / 5

    The best place to buy followers and likes for Instagram. Sadly you don't provide free trials anymore.


    5 / 5

    Followers as described, in the way I expected. I would recommend


    5 / 5

    Amazing service, my five stars go here.


    4 / 5

    Thanks for keeping me up! High five from one of your regulars!

  • Nat

    4 / 5

    You guys got a little slower on Instagram followers. I'm happy with the service, but please give it some speed.


    4 / 5

    Here it's a good service but can you provide followers from India? I need to specify the location to buy Indian Instagram followers


    5 / 5

    Pros: the app works good, followers are faster than ever, not sure if they are all real but looks natural anyway. Cons: it's not free hahah


    4 / 5

    I'm happy with your site, your support is the best ever, but I'd like it to get followers on Instagram instantly. Waiting always makes me siiick. Everything is fine, but the time it's just too much guys, that's why only four stars.


    5 / 5

    My organic followers and reach are growing now. A pleasure to work with you and your team, Dim.


    5 / 5

    Finally, said goodbye to fake followers, thanks to this site.


    5 / 5

    Highly professional assistance and advisor's job on growing Insta followers.


    5 / 5

    Ya Instagram perevernul i snova tretye sentyabrya.

  • J

    5 / 5

    My business is about cars and detailing, and my Instagram started growing with new faces day by day after the followers ordered from here came up. Just as it was promised, good job. I recommend this website.


    4 / 5

    Another seller, works fine but nothing special. Could find a way to target followers.


    4 / 5

    Four stars for the service and your followers. Five stars for the support, but I couldn't find how to give half to my four, well that's your four stars mates! I'll return for more.


    5 / 5

    Any chance to buy UK followers? Please check your email, wondering if you can offer complex custom services.


    5 / 5

    Happy to find you! Your Followers work for me in the best way


    5 / 5

    The first seller of dozens I've been to explained fairly there is no way to buy real Instagram followers this cheap. Thank you for letting me know how it all about Instagram works, social media magicians at their best.


    4 / 5

    This website stands out from the rest on Google. Dim helped me with building my account so I realized it is not about buying cheap Instagram followers only. These guys listen and explain, that's great because I have never seen anything like that from other webshops. If you're up to buy Instagram followers here, they are good but don't expect smth extraordinary, a solid B+