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Instagram Comments Facts:
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Impacts: Engagement, trust, visibility
Proce­ssing: 1-5 min.
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Min order: 5
Max order: 100
Best discount: 29%
Price: $ 2.95 - 20.95
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How to buy real Instagram comments

Get real comments with no effort - build momentum on your Instagram posts in a few clicks using our service!

  • Choose a package that matches the number of comments you'd like us to put on your Instagram publication
  • Enter your Instagram username in the order form, proceed to order details. No registration or password required
  • Pay for the Comments package with the preferred method, and that's it. Now, take a breather and await the results

Why buy real comments on Instagram

In the ever-changing landscape of Instagram, comments have taken over other metrics as the prime indicator of genuine engagement. The shift reflects a growing emphasis on authentic interaction and community building. Moreover, in the Instagram algorithm, comments play a major role in influencing content ranking.


Are you feeling unsure about our range of services? Ease into the experience by opting for one of our starter Insta Comments packages – a perfect way to discover the quality, efficiency, and benefits that come with choosing us for all your needs.

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Got Questions?

Instagram Comments FAQ

Unlock the magic of growing relevant Instagram comments with us! Whether you're a seasoned Instagram influencer or new to the game, we've got you covered. Explore the section below to discover answered questions and valuable tips on how to get comments on your posts on Instagram.


How do the comments services differ from each other?

We offer a variety of options for those looking to get comments on Instagram. If you are new to Insta growth services, it may be challenging to find out which service is right for you.

  • Random Comments are short positive comments from various random HQ user accounts of English speakers.
  • Premium Comments originate from real user accounts and driven by AI to match the content of your posts.
  • US Real Comments with this option you can drive real US users to leave comments on your publications.
  • With Custom Comments you can create and provide us your future comments in the way you'd like to have them.
  • Blue Tick User Comments come from the authentic, human user accounts with Instagram's blue tick only.

If engagement on your Instagram is lower than expected, and you are eager to foster growth, our recommendation here is to take advantage of our services in the right proportion for the most effective results.

Not sure which proportion is right? Feel free to reach our support any time you need us!


How to get more comments on Instagram posts from real people?

In order to scale your natural number of comments and grow your Instagram engagement, you should encourage discussions, respond to comments, and create content that sparks conversations. If you take these measures when your audience is most active, it will signal to IG's code that your posts are valuable and deserving of increased visibility.


Can Instagram tell if I buy comments or if they originate from my authentic audience?

The difference between the purchased boost of real user comments and organically gained ones requires a complex interplay of algorithms and behavioral analysis. Instagram's machine learning models delve into linguistic nuances, able to identify patterns indicative of genuine or scripted interactions.

In short, genuine comments often exhibit a diversity of expressions, while purchased comments might display repetitive or generic content. But if you look into most of viral posts you will find the majority of short, expressive comments, even those reduced to a set of emojis, are genuine.


How getting real comments contributes to the visibility and ranking of my posts

Real comments play a pivotal role in the Instagram algorithm, indicating content relevance and user interest.

Posts with higher comment engagement are more likely to appear on followers' feeds and the Explore page.


Is it legal to buy comments for Instagram?

To give a comprehensive answer to the legitimacy of buying comments on Instagram, we should hinge on many factors, particularly on the source of these comments.

If comments are sourced from genuine users who engage authentically with your content, it can be a legitimate strategy to amplify your Instagram presence. Genuine interactions contribute to a vibrant community and signal relevance to the Instagram algorithm and it can be a legitimate and effective tool.


How quickly can you provide organic comments?

Our approach to providing organic comments aligns with our commitment to effective Instagram marketing. While a small package of comments requires to be delivered rapidly, the largest ones often must take time to be distributed. This is why the estimated delivery time is set to be different for all packages to ensure optimal results.

It doesn't take us long to process orders so the process will start within minutes. Rest assured, our focus on active users contributes to building your Instagram better.


How to mitigate the risks and downsides of buying Instagram comments?

You can easily stay away from risks associated with paid comments by selecting reputable service providers.

Ensure these comments come from real and active Instagram users and align with your content. Stay focused on your actions and stick to Instagram's guidelines to avoid potential penalties.

Today's Instagram is driven by smart AI algorithms just like the rest of big and famous social media platforms. So it is wise to prioritize authenticity for all those who strive to grow themselves into a story of success.

Consider purchasing IG comments as a supplement to organic growth strategies, rather than a sole reliance on paid engagement.


How frequently should I aim to buy comments on Instagram to maintain engagement and growth?

Our best advice is to align buying comments with your Instagram content schedule. Consider peak posting times and relevant topics to maximize impact.

Aim for a consistent approach. You should integrate paid comments seamlessly with your overall engagement strategy. This alignment enhances your social media presence and proof, ensuring sustained and meaningful organic growth.


Can we purchase Instagram comments and align the content with our brand voice and messaging?

Sure, just pick the right service option. If not, you will receive quality comments but with randomized content.

To personalize the content of comments scroll into buying Custom Instagram Comments on the Order Form and then provide the content your ig account name and the desired custom comments line by line.

This customization adds authenticity, making the comments flawlessly blend into the natural dialog with your audience. Crafting comments that resonate with your brand identity ensures a cohesive and genuine interaction on your posts.


Should I buy a lot of comments for a specific post or distribute them across my entire profile?

As a provider of a complete complex of Instagram services, we always bet on a balanced approach for likes, views, comments, or followers. But in fact, it is totally up to your needs in the current period.

In general, you should buy Instagram comments from real ig users and distribute them across relevant posts to maintain a consistent level of engagement so it appears authentic. Avoid concentrating comments on a single post as it always has an unnatural feel and simply repels any audience. The goal is to enhance overall engagement and create an authentic narrative across your entire Instagram profile.

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  • Malika

    5 / 5

    Thank you for giving my Instagram videos a better look. I can't tell the comments I purchased from you from the ones that come from my natural subs on Instagram.


    4 / 5

    I am looking to buy custom comments from the UK users. Can't find this option, but other than that, the website is awesome!


    5 / 5

    You guys are really swift and professional. I will return to buy more soon!

  • Aaron J

    5 / 5

    Comments were added quicker than I expected. They are all English speakers with real users names. And the emojies are just as I expected, that looks legit


    5 / 5

    Thanks for your job on comments and likes, there is nothing here to complain. I will recommend your company


    4 / 5

    The service here is impressive but is it possible to pay for blue tick user comments?

  • Riva

    5 / 5

    I've found my best place to buy USA Comments for my Instagram. Your service is exactly what I've been looking to buy for for the recent few weeks. I'm very happy


    5 / 5

    I decided to buy real Instagram comments from you and it was a game-changer for my account. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking to elevate their Instagram.