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Nowadays the overall weight of such vendors and others suspected in fraud and fishing activities exceeds more than 80% of the market. Even at that times, it was quite clear that paying money for such services equals just to throw it away and forget about it.

But today we live in 2018 and it's not a sectret to anyone, that filling up the account with organic users is the only way to successfull promotion to the top of the feed of Instagram.

Whom the profile promotion can be trusted to?

A wish to save the ad budget brings many individuals and companies to choose the services of freelancers. We understand the choice, because many of us previously were suffering from the lack of funds many times. Your pick may lead you to a really fair contractor, but you already know, that everything cost its money - the quality of Instagram followers you buy for cheap is appropriate.

When you trust your Instagram account and its progress to random people online you bear such risks as:

  • To get filled with bots. You may get a delivery of unfilles profiles. Sometimes it leads to penalties, sanctions and claims from the Instagram administration. The result is various activity restrictions.
  • The most of exchages focused on selling real active Instagram followers have absolutely no idea about the essentials of SMM-optimization and basics of progression on social networks. You get a package, then your account is banned. Business as usual.
  • Not every freelancer takes care of the reputation. Many of them thinks of it as a temporary work. You send your dollars to a black hole - no idea what will be next, no way out after that.

Nobody would argue that you can find a good company and buy real active Instagram followers but note that it would be expensive. We're completely sure that here you will find an offer that fully meet your requirements. Speaking of us, it is a professional occupation for the most of our crew members - we are able to automatically accept your order at any time. So we consider the best buy the products we have here at


I need to buy real active followers on Instagram asap but the quality is a particular challenge. Can you do it for me?
CheapIgFollowers will surely provide you with this opportunity. The delivery procedure will not take long, you will see a quick result of our work in minutes. The speed actually depends on the package you choose and on the servers queue. We don't recommend our customers to deliver great numbers of followers at once due to policies of Instagram, but we will do the most of us to satsify your requirements.
Do you have a relatively high cost, why?
The price on the site is made optimal due to the cost of collecting the top-quality database. When you buy Instagram followers from us you get an opportunity to rise in the feed of Instagram's popular posts instantly.
Why do I genuine followers if I can buy bots?
People that visit the page pay great attention to the composition of your audience. A large number of fake bots plays a negative role and the blog starts getting untrustworthy.